I am currently busy with my own projects, preparing talks, writing book chapters, applying for grants, and looking at job opportunities. I've received requests for "collaborations" through email, but I am not interested in doing your entire project for you, I've already done plenty of that, it's called academia. This is why I set up a Science Exchange account. Although I will respond promptly to questions about my research and even send you data or code, if you need something more involved, are willing to pay me, and I have the time, you will have to request a service through my storefront. There are many ways to contact me. Twitter or email should get a rapid response. For Journalists:
I am always happy to talk with the media about my work. I will gladly give interviews over the phone, Skype, or through email. To see some of my work or opinions that have made the news see this page.
Speaking fees:
I am not a fan of traveling, so the more difficult the travel the larger the fee. The fee is also dependent on my interest in meeting with researchers at your school. Could be simply cost of travel if I like you.
Email:omnesresnetwork [at] gmail.com
Full Resume:link
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