Science advances one death at a time. While I agree with Planck, I don't have the patience to wait around for the old guard to die, so I'm a science activist that works to extricate science from the perverse incentives of academia. Academia selects for bad science, and inefficiently produces a steady stream of irreproducible answers to meaningless questions. Parallel to this, the system is filled with abuse and corruption that goes unreported or ignored. It's surprising we haven't had an Upton Sinclair expose this multi-billion dollar waste of taxpayer dollars, although John Ioannidis has made some inroads. To help take the dissemination of science out of the hands of a few power brokers, I support nontraditional forms of science communication, such as blog posts and preprints. To help the preprint movement I created the first open source index of preprints. To help expose the type of science academia produces, I've developed tools to detect errors in publications, and am famous for using these tools to expose Brian Wansink. My background is in biology, but I'm something of a polymath, with 22 A+'s at UC Berkeley, having scored at the top of my medical and graduate school classes, and being a self-taught programmer. The quality of science and people at UVA was not high enough for me to continue wasting any more of my time there, so I left my MD/PhD program to explore my own research interests. You may be interested in my work or working with me if you think open science is just science, would rather read a blog post than a Nature publication, or enjoy upsetting the tone police.