In grad school I completed all of the coursework and publication requirements for my PhD program, and my research is the focus of multiple PhD theses, but I was tired of being bullied into doing bad science so I attempted to switch labs. After my attempt was unsuccessful I could have switched departments, but it became clear that the quality of science and people at UVA was not high enough for me to continue wasting any more of my time there, so I left my MD/PhD program despite being fully funded by a 5-year F31 grant. I was selected as the top science major out of 8,000 students at UC Berkeley, and have advanced projects in 9 different labs, but I'm probably best known for my work as an independent researcher. I learned web development and created a popular TCGA data portal, assisted the preprint movement by making the first open source index of biology preprints, and worked on tools to detect errors in the literature. The latter was essential in our investigation of Brian Wansink, who is up to 15 retractions and has been found guilty of misconduct by his own university. Because of the difficulty of obtaining funding for detecting fraud in the literature, I'm not actively working in this area.