Currently I am an independent scientist. Despite my work being supported by a F31 grant from the NIH my department at UVA did not approve of my thesis work. Viewing my work as too important to be censored, I decided to leave my MD/PhD program and fund my work myself. You can read more on why here or here. My career in science started in the laboratory of John Kuriyan at UC Berkeley, where I graduated as the top science major with 22 A+'s. I then obtained experience in immunology research at the NIH and taught myself advanced mathematics and how to program. During my first graduate school year in UVA's MD/PhD program I obtained a five year F31 grant and wrote a paper on my paradigm shifting work on tRNA fragments. As an independent researcher I have published the largest pan-cancer analysis of prognostic genes, created a TCGA data portal, developed a PubMed for preprints, made a mathematical discovery that allows for detection of fraud in the literature, and developed OncoRank. I consider myself a world leader in protein expression and purification, cancer bioinformatics, small RNA biology, granularity testing, and the open science movement. I am also extremely proficient in Python programming and a capable web developer. I am interested in careers where I will be able to utilize my background in biology and medicine along with my knowledge of programming and statistics.